Happy, happy, joy, joy


I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel – last day of work.

Actually have been quite chilled this week – feel like I have achieved a lot to date. I even went to the psychologist today and had no major psychopathology to report! She had to press me a bit to make sure I got my hours worth.

A big shout out to Mary, the Scottish cleaning lady at work.  I love Mary. She has a charming Glasgow accent. On tuesday, I heard her singing while she was doing her work, including cleaning the dunnies. She has a good voice, too!

Gosh darn it, if you can sing while you are cleaning dunnies, you are pretty dang happy. And that kind of happiness is infectious. God bless her.

Have been a bit creaky in the back, butt and knees lately. Went for a run this morning, and the creakiness has improved. A stretch into warm muscles is good. I even did a few laps of the street to the Gnarls Barkley song.

It’s goodbye to miss Candydog early tomorrow morning – she is off to the kennels. Only 3 more days.

Oooh, and I am off to a fashion show tomorrow! A great way to start the hols!

I am sorry – I am not as funny when I am happy 🙂

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