Power, not Piking (MM 10km 72? minutes)


I was not too worried about the race today – I have had a fairly crappy lead up to it; getting a back injury, getting sick. Just this time last week I was going to pike out of it, or downgrade. Then I thought, awww, it’s worth a try, if worst comes to worst I can walk. And it will be a good atmosphere and a lovely day to be out and about in Melbourne.

Well, I ran today, ran pretty much the whole way, apart from up the William Barak bridge. I ran bang-on pretty much 7 minute kms the whole way, apart from the little walk and the drink stops. Plus dodging and weaving through walkers. The last km or so was quite painful and I nearly coughed up a lung on the finish line.

(WARNING! rant to follow)

I don’t know why people insist on walking and starting anywhere but RIGHT UP THE BACK. Seriously I had to hip n shoulder people out of my way, duck and weave and it was really freaking annoying.

(rant over)

After the race, I met up with bloggers Andrew and Alex, and had a coffee and OJ. Then I stood about and cheered on the Marathoners and Half marathoners. I gave lots of people high fives and shouted myself hoarse. I got my first sunburn of the sunburn season. Then I went to the Transport Bar and saw John, Kat, Sara, Scarlett and Tony and bumped into Wombat. I also met up with My Mummy, who bought me a bunch of flowers (very sweet of her).

I have learned with this race that I can, even at my unfittest and a little on the heavier side and with a lurgy, still run 10km at 7 min km – this is my base. This is a good base, to me; just 2 years ago I ran this event while completely well and with regular training and I did it in 75 minutes and nearly died afterwards – I credit regular running and trailwalker for this. It is something to work off – hopefully with a little less weight, more training and no lingering lurgy I can do the 10km in 60mins. I will do a 5km in 30 mins first – this should not be far off.

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