Fingers crossed…..


That I go ok on my run tomorrow…..I have been ill this week but need to squeeze in a longer run (8-10km) tomorrow.

I am on the tail end of it – coughing and sneezing and being mucky. I have laryngitis so my voice is next to nothing but a silly pleasure I have is to sing while I have it – sounds funny. I do not feel too bad, otherwise. I had a nap today, after taking ventolin, cough syrup and a long, hot water draining shower to steam myself out. I have had a good stretch, massaged the tight bit in my left butt with the spiky ball and am making a nice dinner. I have given my dog a pat and my hubby a cuddle. I am re-stocking the mojo.

I really need to stop procrastinating and tidy out my study aka junk room……. too many other important things to do like fiddle about on facebook, check the weather and generally waste time…..

Not much planned for this weekend other than the run, but I need the time..

Only 3 weeks to go till Japan! Yay!

ADDIT 1854 hrs: I often feel a bit down on myself when I get sick, with being tired and everything. But I would like to say to myself today – I did a good job – had a nap and managed some tidying up.

ADDIT 1855 hrs: WTF is a cakewalk? You eat the cake and then go for a walk? Hmm?

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  1. Don’t stress too much if you don’t get out for the run. I’m sure if you ask nicely you can get Andrew to push you from behind to make you get your PB. You really need to rest to get rid of your cold, but I shouldn’t have to tell you that should I?

  2. It is a shame you can’t take Candy along for a run- I always find Bella is good for a bit of extra speed if I try to run fast, she ends up dragging me. Hope the run went well- awesome day for it.

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