Feel the pain…


for it will pass.

I had a fairly stressful, hectic day at work yesterday, driving to Willi, then to Melb Uni to give a 90 minute lecture, then back to Willi for a difficult meeting with a family. I got to thinking, Gawd, this has been a crappy day, I must have a nice (calorific) restaurant dinner with mucho wine.

Then I thought – Why?

So I just felt the discomfort and told myself it would pass. And it did. I talked with my hubby, played with the dog, and the need to comfort eat passed. Just a bit of discomfort (which I would have felt anyway, one way or the other) and a bit of mindfulness. I had a restrained dinner with a small glass of wine. I don’t think I will buy any more wine this week- an open bottle is just an invite to drink on a nightly basis.

Today, a meeting with my co-supervisor for my PhD (who also happens to be a head of unit and my mentor and ex-boss) and an opportunity to ask (?beg) for a couple of consultant sessions next year. I told him that I had been courted for a job by another head of unit but I wanted to work with him. He said that he will likely have a session.

I have had a bit of a cold – just a bit – a runny nose and feeling a bit tired and achy. I have not pushed the exercise; I have instead done a bit of walking today. Mark Sisson says that your exercise should align with your energy levels. I will try and go for a run after Pilates class tomorrow.

Off to the Dandenongs tomorrow night – going to the Japanese Mountain Retreat. Hubby says it is training.

Just a mini-rant on Tony Abbott:

He is a truly nasty piece of work, single-mindedly intent on destroying the government and ignoring important issues. A sexist, racist, homophobic, bigoted bully boy.


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  1. Honestly, at the moment I am not that strong. The funeral was yesterday and I still am hardly my usual self. Went out to dinner tonight, plenty of wine and came home some peanut m&m’s. I know that these things will never solve anything but shit.. sometimes alcohol & chocolate does just numb the pain.

    I hope I get back on track soon.

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