Cilla 1 Chips 0 (till next time)


I am very proud to day during the boring weekly meeting to which the 2 skinny pretty physios bought chips (red rock deli) and barbecue shapes and timtams and hedgehog.

I only partook of a little slice of hedgehog. Reminded me of nanna (sob!) No chips. NO CHIPS! Chips are my dietary achilles heel. But I did sneak a ferrero rocher in the arvo. The problem is that yummy stuff is just so readily available. It makes it really hard. I am doing well but little bits of yummies are sneaking in here and there most days. The yummies are trending downward though.

The skinny physios scoffed themselves silly. I have resigned myself to the fact that I will never, ever be one of those people who can eat what they want and stay thin. Very few people can. The good thing is that people like us appreciate the breaks when we get them, and are less complacent. Anyway that is what Haruki Murakami said. (He is the bloke that wrote the running book).

I have been trying to get in more protein and fewer grains  – the protein definitely takes the edge off the hunger. The higher protein/fat and lower carb diets are gaining credence, both in the mainstream and in the medical literature. There is even promising work on the role of a ketogenic diet to treat Alzheimers disease!

My back is really sore today. I think the step class stirred it up. I don’t know about my 65 minute goal 10km run for MM – I may just have to settle for sub 67 mins (my previous PB). I don’t know whether I will be able to get out for a long run this weekend.

It did not help that we had a punter throw himself on the ground and refuse to get up and I kept on having to bend over to ….do what I needed to do.

Anywho must go. I have to get up early in the morning – early round with the boss. Also I have to do my 90 minute lecture tomorrow. Here is hoping the jaw holds out (it has never been the same since last year’s lecture).


P.S. the weeds (carbon offsetting) out the front are getting out of hand. I think I need to get some heavy gardening assistance.

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  1. I was going to say that physios would burn up a huge amount of calories in a day – then I remembered how much weight my physio has put on since I started going to him! Well done on the chip resisting.

  2. I hear you on then chips- and now I am regretting my consoling bowl that I had last night (put the rest of the packet back in the pantry tho for the first time ever!)
    Hope your talk went well.

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