London Calling.


I got that from a song that was played in the James Bond movie last night where the guy parachutes down onto Buckingham palace. It seems appropriate.

So, what I have decided to do with my last week of holiday that is unaccounted for is just “nip” over to London for 4 days.


  • the UK is cheepcheepcheep at the moment. The flights are quite a good price. I am flying British Airways – about a grand return from hong kong. I am thinking of the frequent flyer points.
  • I love London. I don’t love that they keep upping the terror threat
  • I have friends there that I love to see – Darren and Siobhan.
  • I want to go to the Anthropologie store.
  • A good excuse to meet Philippa, who I have never met in real life but feel I know her and we have made friends on facey and she is a real sweetie.
  • I want to go and do other cool things – Camden markets and ….am open to other suggestions. I might go up St Pauls Cathedral again – for the exercise and because it was COOL last time. I also want to check out the Tate modern, last time we were there in 2005, there was a Frida Kahlo exhibition, which was COOL.
  • You only live once and I don’t know when I will next get there.
  • Because ‘nipping’ over to London for a few days is COOL. A bit frivolous. But I could drop that much on other stuff. I prefer experience to stuff, any day.

I went for a run this morning. This was good because I was going to pike cause I got to bed late. I woke up early and went down to the yarra. It did not bode well – it started drizzling when I went out then my kidneys decided to excrete all the fluid that I was carrying around during that moment. Damn kidneys. Plus my tummy was playing up a bit. But I managed to do about 7km give or take, and at reasonable pace – averaging about 6.40 or so. My runkeeper has also decided not to work well and the ipod part kept jumping to shuffle while I was trying to listen to music.

But something is better than nothing. It is all miles in the legs.

I had a big nap this arvo – put my head down for half an hour and woke up 2.5 hours later. Must have needed it.

Scarlett – you said something about willpower vs fish and chips which got me thinking.

It did not actually take a lot of willpower. Just a bit of mindfulness. It actually takes a bit of work to go out to get f&c, and so there is some time for thoughts. I had a think about what I wanted to achieve, what I was really craving. Thought that I was just hungry rather than using mega TOM cravings as an excuse for a big blow out.

Where I really need willpower or a strong no reflex is when the stuff is readily available and in front of me and I am stressed out of my brain and tired. Like at work when the chocs are on the counter.

Willpower is no good. It needs to be habit. That is my thought for the day.

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  1. I reckon nothing makes you feel alive than just doing something frivilous once in awhile. You will have a rockin good time! But next time allow a few extra days for SCOTLAND! 🙂

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