Given time, it all turns to bogan.


I did my make up class for pilates today, with the wonderful Steph, the gorgeous Californian headmistress/owner of my pilates school. I did the springboard class, and it was just what my tight arse and rest of bod needed. I even felt very ommmm when I shut my eyes to enjoy the stretch. I was going to ride my pushy to the pilates centre but my tyre which was punctured and fixed has gone flat again. So it was the car.

I went home and changed into nicer attire and even put some makeup on for going out to brunch with the Mother in Law.

At home, I just plopped on the couch and only got up to go to the dunny. I got some stuff done – my PhD application for next year (at the centre for excrement excellence, Melbourne Uni). The website shat itself multiple times but I managed to make the application. I am applying for a scholarship so I had a look at that application form. I need to tart up my CV a bit, so I looked at some websites as to how to do that.

I then made some initial enquiries about making a little “side trip” to London. I effing love London (usually I would do the full swear word but I am a Laydeee). Apart from when they warn of “imminent” terror attacks – then my scaredy cat side almost gets the better of me. There are some folk I would like to catch up with (fingers crossed) and some shops I want to visit. If I go, this will be my 4th trip to London. I want to take advantage of the piss poor pound.

I decided that my nice outfit was a bit uncomfy for the couch so I changed back into my tracky daks. So far today, they have collected dog saliva and pickled onion juice, but they are black and I figure they should be good for a few more wears before I have to wash them. The carefully applied eye makeup has turned to smudge. The posh dinner out has gone out the window.

I love my tracky daks and there are some days when all I want to do is wear them. So much so that I have been known to almost renege on party invitations because I didn’t want to/ couldn’t be bothered getting out of my tracky daks.

I have been trying to follow Lilli’s lead and make a bit more of an effort – but you can take the girl out of Werribee, you can’t take the Werribee out of the girl.

I had a craving for fish and chips (thankyou, Shauna’s last blog post)- it is approaching that TOM, but I went to the shops and got some semi-healthy food instead. I was also hanging out for pickled onions which I had – my husband will not be wanting to share the room with me tonight. I have also cleared out the freezer of little bits of chicken wings etc which I am cooking up for dinner too. I am even having some bread. I have gone off bread as a rule  – breaking it only for the bread and related tasties that I really like (eg Dench croissants).

Tomorrow I am planning a long run (10km) if it is fine and a step class if it is rainy. Howzat for a contingency plan?

I think I will watch Amelie tonight. On the couch. In my tracky daks. I am sure Amelie would not mind.

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