on my shoulderrrrrs, makes me happeeeeeeee….

where the eff is Spring, already?

After a little tease of sunshine this morning, it was freeeezzing this arvo.

I am feeling a bit better now, compared with the last post. I went to see the headshrinker lady, who is a tough one, she doesn’t namby pamby and she pushes me out of my comfort zone.

I need to learn the power of no.

What will happen if I say no to the chocky on the nurses station desk? The chips? Even if I am stressed out of my brains or tired. Will it kill me?

No. So simple, why have I not thought of it before, hmm?

I need to practice saying no. She thinks that if I practice it, it will become easy. I do hope so.

Tomorrow, I have an old school friend coming over for dinner, with his wife and two little kiddies. I do hope the dog is on her best behaviour.

I also aim to do the 30 day shred workout tomorrow morning. My hubby has a laugh at me and the dog takes the opportunity to lick my face when I am down doing sit ups. Nothing is sacred to the dog. Nothing.

No. (just practicing)

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  1. Re pacing duties. Is 65 minutes our goal? How do you want to pace? Even splits? Negative split? Aim for 63 to come in under? I plan to try and get in a few runs at target pace over the next few weeks to get used to the pace, so let me know?

  2. I have trouble saying no at work when I get asked to do extra things- I just can’t say no- which means I am a great first date but painful to be around when I take on too much to do and then complain about it!

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