Smile like you mean it – SIS 1 8.5km- 1 hour 35 sec.


This is very hard to do when you are breathless and hurting. You are told to relax your face so as to conserve energy.

But what I love during a fun run is this – high fiving the spectators and race marshalls. They gave me a cheer ; “you’re doing well” and “that’s the spirit”. It makes me smile. There was a bit of a bastard of a hill in the middle and I was hurting, but I high fived some spectators and I hit the top of the hill with a genuine smile on my face.

God bless the race marshalls and the speccys.

Re: the race itself – I think I went out a bit hard . Insofar as I jostled quite a few people out of the way. Why why why do people insist on walking from the beginning, 2 abreast, and not stay right up the back? They are just begging for a hip and shoulder!

I had a good time – I cheered people on who were struggling, tried to sing a few lines of my favourite songs playing on my ipod (not that I could get out more than a couple of words). I berated some folk who thought that while a fun run was in progress would be a good time to ride their bikes on the track. Well, I berated them as much as somebody who is huffing hard could. They probably just laughed at me. (“This is a FUN run people, get off the track!!!”)

An evil finish – the final stretch was the long incline (wooden bridge) up to Birrarung Marr. There was this girl (taller and thinner than me) who I had been gaining on the whole race who I just beat at the very end – I did a magnificent sprint finish, can’t wait for the photo. The best finishes are when you want to chuck up on the finishing line – that is when the tank is empty.

I found I had to slow down after the first couple of km – I think this is because I have been training on the tready with faster speeds but for less time. My body had forgotten how to do a long run, in fact the last run I did of similar distance was the 10km at run melb – a back injury, sore tight muscles and perhaps a little laziness have precluded longer runs recently. Unfortunately a negative split was not achieved.

I averaged 7 min kms – some faster, some much slower (eg the ones with hills – need some hill training). I have a bit of work to do before Melb Mara but I have shoved the monkey off my back so that is the main thing. A good, consistent long run per week in the interim should do the trick. So should good nutrition and some Jillian Michaels fitness dvd action during the week.

I am happy with my effort today – it was a good training run and I enjoyed it. This is the main thing.

I did not see Scarlett there, nor did I see any other folk I knew.

I really appreciated hubby’s presence – he rubbed my back, held my bag and was generally very supportive but he missed my magnificent sprint finish. Dang.

We had Grill’d hamburgers for lunch and shared a small serve of chips. Chips are my weakness. I have never met a chip I didn’t like. Except for the big one on my shoulder, sometimes. 😉

I got some little cupcakes to take away (from, you guessed it, Little Cupcakes) which managed to survive the tram journey home. I like the mini cupcakes – I have 2 or 3 which is similar to 1 large one and you get different flavours and there is a more favourable icing to cupcake ratio.

Having had a big lunch, I only want a small dinner. I think I am onto something with the big lunch small dinner thing.

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  1. Well done, there is an art to not going out too hard, if you figure it out let me know :-p

    I am a big fan of the big lunch/small dinner, no point in filling up the tank just to park the car in the garage, not unless the car has a long run or a half marathon the next day.

  2. Maybe that wall of walkers was trying to slow you down! Or they were massively selfish or amazingly ignorant- I would suggest the latter. Anyway glad you had a fun run today too.

  3. The walker problem happens at every run, doesn’t it. No matter how much ppl are told – they must think it means everybody but them. I think it’s even more frustrating when you aren’t a super fast runner. I know when I run, every step counts and I don’t want to waste them!

    Btw I should introduce you to the chip shop near me — then you’d find a chip you didn’t like. Dunno how you can screw up frying chips, I think they refry yesterday’s leftovers! Still good because it’s not at all tempting.

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