Bike Frolic


Hubby had to take the car today, so I thought I would ride my bike to art class. Fitzroy is not good for parking, anyway, and it was a nice day. Plus I needed to face my fear of feeling vulnerable on the road with cars about.

I got about half a km down the road and rode over what looked like a little reflector thingy in the road. It was actually a ceramic plate or something and it broke.

WHO DOES THAT, MAN?? Who leaves ceramics on the ROAD??? WTF?!?!

I got a puncture in my back tyre. 2nd ride of bike and a puncture! Bugger!

Luckily there was a bike shop about 10 minutes walk away so I went there. Unfortunately I missed my art class. I thought I would go for a ride to Carlton to practice riding in traffic. It was a bit scary for me – I have worked in intensive care and images of horribly injured individuals kept flashing through my mind. I was careful and kept clear of car doors. Where is the fearlessness of my childhood when I used to tear-arse around my hood without even looking for cars (only got hit by a car once and only lightly and it didn’t shake me up at all). Where, I tells you?

I had a little wander down lygon street (bought some cardies – note to self – leave credit cards at home) then back up Royal Parade to Brunny to pick up my Ebay item from the post office. I had some lunch at the Green Refectory and a wander about my beloved Brunny.

Now, I have a question for the riders – how do you turn right when on the bike? Do you just get in the right lane and do it with the cars? I am a scaredy cat.

I have found a new blog to stalk – Philippa’s blog(s) skinnylattestrikesback and greeninkgirl. I saw a link to Jillian Michaels 30 day shred – a good home workout. Might need some dumbells though. I need to do more resistance training. I need something that does not take much time. The question is – do you have to do it 30 days consecutively? Will Jillian come and get me and discipline me if I don’t? Scary thoughts to ponder.

Went and saw the movie “Boy” last night. I laughed, I cried, I hurled (well not hurled – just the reference to Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure.)

Spring into shape 1 tomorrow. Hubby is coming to cheer me on. Yay. The plan – a negative split.

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  1. Bad luck about the puncture, but I figure that there can only be so many punctures in any period of time, so technically you have reduced my chances of getting one tomorrow! Thanks for that!

    Re turning right. Answer is, it depends. If it’s not too busy, I’ll usually just claim the right lane, just like I was driving. Exception to this is tram tracks, which I avoid. If it is busy, I’ll pull off to the left, cross as pedestrian and continue on.

    Great luck to you for SiS1.

  2. Sometimes I do a hook turn for a right hand turn- cross over and get ready to go with the cars when the light changes (hope that makes sense). Actually I think I do that all the time unless it is very quiet then I go hang out in the middle of the road. I think it takes time but you will feel comfortable in traffic soon. I only had an *off* out of complete stupidity and I have been cycling around the city for ages. Enjoy tomorrow- hope you have a great big negative split!

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