Reg Rage


A new term I have coined.

I had a really, really freaking busy day at work – should have been 12.5 hours, was 13.5 hours. I can deal with busy. What I cannot deal with is BONE LAZINESS in my colleagues.

I got through the day by thinking evil, evil thoughts and having a little cackle to myself.

As always after a busy day, I had a shitty sleep, made worse by the gale force winds. Worse, I had to get up for post take rounds. Bitchy boss #2 was on call – lucky I did not have to work with her – that pleasure was given to the intern, who looked suitably miserable when I left. I felt sorry for her – BB#2 has a knack of making her juniors miserable – but I had to run away and save myself. I cannot rescue everyone.

Any other boss (except for BB#1), I would  have stayed around to help (but any other boss would not finny fanny about on a Sunday, I suppose). Plus I have learned with these girls that no good deed goes unpunished.

Home and a nap.  Then off for a Thai massage with hubby, really nice. I think I shall have another next week. Then for some crepes at Fraus cafe in North Melbourne for a late lunch.

Making the most of the arvo off – got another full week at work. I am absolutely thrilled at this prospect :/

Next weekend is SIS 1.

We have booked a couple of spots at the fundraising dinner for the state Greens at the Comics Lounge, the lovely Claire Hooper and Rod Quantock will be there. Excitement.

Things I must do in the next few weeks before I go away.

NHMRC grant, Deltamed talk, train for 10km.

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