Stuffety stuff.

  • I have another niggle in my back, this time my right upper back. Luckily the lower back agony has gone. I think I am carrying my stress in my muscles. I need a bloody good massage.
  • I went for a run on the tready before work – am going pretty fast but only running for 20 min blocks. I have entered SIS1, so I will get a good run in. It is 8.5km. I am hoping for sub 54 mins….. My PB for 8km previously was 54 mins. I am really rapt that Andrew may be able to run with me….hope he won’t get bored at my slowness….
  • My beautiful resident from Paraguay is back. I love her. She is really nice, and has her head screwed on well. She also bought back sweeties from Argentina (sounds like a good name for a Record or something).
  • I am working this weekend. I am sick of work already and this is only day 2 of 12. I will be keeping early nights, and thinking of the cashola.
  • at work, I don’t know whether to STFU or speak my mind (always diplomatically of course)….My psychologist lady has spoken to me about assertiveness and I am assertive but then I always get uncomfortable afterward……dammit, I just want everyone to like me, but I am coming to accept that this is impossible and I just have to be myself. (OMG that last bit sounded so neurotic).
  • I am addicted to sweet chilli grain waves. They are yum.
  • I am so happy that Kathryn is going to Japan – she will be there when I will be there and we can sing Karaoke together! Yay! Ian will be there to make sure we are not taken advantage of in our drunken state by Japanese businessmen.

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  1. What is your current 10km PB? I have to pace you to a PB, otherwise I’ll feel like a failure. Still gotta work out the number changeover thing.

  2. My experience is that drunken business men are way too polite to take advantage of anyone! As far as the assertiveness I would say pick your battles- the ones that matter- I asked one of the bosses at work not to call me Girlie yesterday.

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