Another rant – valuable insights.


I like my new boss, but she is a bit exhausting. She has a very low threshold for getting her knickers in a twist.

EG today – new punter, just walked through the door, lying in bed, looking well.

Her: “Oh my God, this patient is in renal failure (in a non urgent way, FYI), I can’t believe they (the doctors at the other campus) didn’t pick this up” (They probably did but had the sense not to get their knickers in a knot.)

Me: “Don’t worry, I’ll sort it out.”

Her: “Oh but that is really bad and we don’t even know what is causing it”.

me: “I’ll sort it out”

Her (getting more agitated): “And we can’t even use any bisphosphonates or strontium, what are we gonna use? I mean we can use the injected form but then we have to speak to RENAL, oh my gawd….”

me: “I’ll sort it out” (texting my renal physician friend)

Her: “I really wish they  wouldn’t send people over like this” (like what? Punter looks fiiiine!)

Me: “It’ll be ok, I’ll sort it out.”

Her – walks out of room, shaking her head.

Geriatrics is a lower-stress specialty, so it attracts people who like less stress (like me!) but it also attracts people who could not handle higher stress jobs (like her and the previous two bosses).

See, I feel that my precious adrenaline and cortisol should be used for situations where they are actually needed. Like when a punter is about to assault all the staff, or when they are going into multi-organ failure in front of you, or when they are exsanguinating (losing all their blood) or when their heart/lungs have actually stopped. (FYI I have been in all of these situations)

I wish people would just chill the fuck out. I hate fuss.


p.s. I sorted the punter out. Good and proper, after I ate my lunch. (empty bladder full tummy, not the other way around is how I like to operate, I wish my boss would get this and not run her rounds from 10 through till 2 is LUNCH a foreign concept jeeez)


Feel better 🙂

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  1. Every workplace must have an obligatory drama queen who likes company when they are winding themselves up- it certainly makes you appreciate colleagues who handle it all without ramping it up all the time.

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