Weekend – discipline


Saturday – finding discipline to do hobbies

  • went to the gym, did a 20 minute fastish run on tready. I am still getting over my niggles and also have a bout of sinusitis.
  • then, went to drawing class in Fitzroy. I had been meaning to do this for some time, and made the time on Saturday. It was very enjoyable – we even had a nude model. The whole point of the class was to do many short drawings – so no long poses. The instructor, Ron, was a lovely gentleman who spoke like an artist. He commented on my drawings, saying that my “language was very primary” and he “liked my dialogue” and that my “drawing style was very physical”. I didn’t really know what he was talking about, but then he said “you are a great drawer”. Which was nice. He had us drawing with dominant hand, non-dominant hand, with both hands and with our eyes closed. Once I got into the spirit of things it was fun.
  • Then I had a nap.
  • Then I cooked dinner, a lovely lamb stew. We watched the movie Kick-ass, which we expected to be funny and a bit cutesy and only mildly violent. The only thing cutesy about it was the little girl, but she could shoot, swear, and wield a knife like all the rest of the big guys. It was very, very violent. This was probably one of the films that holds a mirror up to society (in particular, our desensitisation to violence, putting assaults up on youtube etc) and we are uncomfortable with what we see, so I did not think the violence was gratuitous as such. It did have some funny bits.

Sunday – consolidation.

  • woke up with the mother of all sinus headaches – I took some yucky sinus med (sudafed – makes me ill and I take it only when I have to) and sucked it in.
  • went to the gym – did a fastish 25 minutes – gradually getting stronger.
  • then felt ill (damn sudafed) so had a nap.
  • then went to taste of melbourne – lots of yummy little tastes ending up to a full tummy. I bought some spicy garlic seeded mustard (to clear out the painful sinuses) and hubby bought some nice grass-fed beefsteaks. I did partake of a glass of wine or two and the sinusitis and sudafed made me drunk very quickly.
  • then a nap (love weekends).
  • Then discovered coles online – we shall see how it goes.

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  1. I use coles online a bit but find it annoying because they pretty much have something unavailable in my order every time. Also their search is annoying – like if you want cheese it will bring up everything with cheese in the name… chips, biscuits, etc. It does save time though because supermarkets seem to be a black hole of time suckage.

  2. Hmmm, now that I live in the countryside I should probably consider coles online- then I could actually be organised!

    Hope the sinusitis clears up soon.

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