A letter…


I just feel the need to rant. If you do not want to read vitriol, turn away now.


You are clearly insecure in your own jobs and need to make others miserable.

You are both nitpicky, obsessional creatures who do not tolerate any difficulty, diversion or disagreement. You insist everyone does what you say without heed to the limitations others face. You clearly feel that unless an idea comes from you, it is ludicrous, unsafe, underthought or otherwise lacks merit, and you point this out aggressively, often in front of others. You do not understand why people might get annoyed with this.

You feel the need to task manage every little inkling of the jobs of your juniors and become exasperated if they cannot live up to your sky high standards. You then complain that the junior is incapable to their seniors, under the guise of being “concerned that something else may be going on”. Despite being unable and unwilling to delegate, you constantly complain about how busy you are.

You have too much time on your hands, and desperately need to get a fricking life.

You can kiss my fat arse.



2 responses »

  1. Less of the “fat”, otherwise a finely constructed letter.

    What about this as a suggestion. Change the plural references in the letter to singular, then send them each a copy signed from each other and see what happens?

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