Flat out like a lizard drinking – literally.


This post is coming to you from my couch under the influence of Valium, therefore I cannot take full responsibility for any incoherence.

I went to the physio last night to get my pins sorted out for running. Apart from my VMO (vastus medialis obliquus, the muscle on the inside of your kneecap that bulges in cyclists), he said that my muscles were strong, but not co-ordinating as effectively as they could be. Plus he said I had very tight quads and hip flexors. I was very happy to know that I am not weak. Yay. He prescribed me some stretches and strengthening exercises, which I dutifully performed this morning while my coffee was brewing.

Just as I was setting off to work, I bent over to pick up my handback (whoops handbag, dang valium), and something in my back went ping and I yelped. Because Tuesday is an important day at work (case conference, ward round) I gulped some voltaren and got in my car. During the long drive to Williamstown, my pain got worse. I had to get some petrol on the way to work and even the dude at the register told me that I looked like I was in some pain. I called up my resident and told him that I would be late and possibly only there for half a day.

I got out of my car and started crying from the pain. Then I thought “this is ridiculous, I can’t have people seeing me like this and besides, I have done trailwalker”. I waddled like a duck into work and the nurse in charge of my ward said to me, “Christ, you look a mess” to which I replied “I need some drugs, I think I need to go to casualty”.

Willi hospital runs a small casualty so I did not feel so bad going – most of the big heart attacks and road trauma etc goes to the bigger hospitals. I made sure the nurse in charge of my ward accompanied me to casualty, nurses can usually get their way better with other nurses. She made sure I was triaged and in a cubicle quickly. I was seen by the doc who gave me a couple of days off and some valium (Panadiene forte makes me chuck and I told him that I just wanted to sleep it off). Valium is best for muscle spasm anyway.

I got my lovely hubby to pick me up from willi – it is his education day today so not too much fuss if he misses it. He took care of me and put me into bed and was generally nice and sympathetic.

I have had a big snooze and am now still a bit groggy and in a bit of pain. Hopefully it gets better soon but I don’t think I will be running for a little while. I will get back into the swimming soon though (maybe tomorrow if I can) – I just remember the  “Norm” ad from years ago that warned against sitting around with back pain, and the best recovery is an active one. It is a good thing I downgraded my half marathon!

Oooh, and happy 2nd birthday to my blog! Yay! Have a cupcake for me in celebration.

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