Stuff I like: a Motley Crew


1. Mad Men:

Love that show. I had heard it was good, then I downloaded it on TV duck last night. At first, I found it quite uncomfortable viewing, with the blatant racism and sexism. Later in the episode, I was hooked. LOVED it, very clever, addictive viewing

2. Christina Hendricks

Strictly speaking, she is not stuff, she is a human. And what a divine one at that. She plays Joan, the voluptuous (and possibly slightly promiscuous) secretary on Mad Men. She has recently been named one of the sexiest women of the year by Maxim magazine and also she has been named a top ambassador for positive body image. I am all keen to get my pencil skirts and waist belts and turtlenecks happening. And the next thing:

3. Red lippy

The brand is called Chi Chi and the name is Boy Magnet. I love it. It makes me feel all rockstarry and sultry.

4. My skin

My skin is looking good at the moment – good food, good exercise, happy thoughts and cheapo olay moisturiser. I was stealthily comparing my complexion with my girlfriends when we were out to lunch yesterday. Mine was best. Yay.

5. Dates, with or without a blob of almond butter in the middle

This is going to be my new sweetie fix. Yummy and nutritious to boot

6. Chimichurri

Chimi-whatti, you ask? This is a salsa made of parsley, vinegar, chilli, oil and garlic. It is South American and used as a sauce for steak. I love the acid/hot/garlicky taste. Though I don’t love the resulting halitosis. We went out to dinner at El Gaucho last night, where mucho chimichurri was consumed. Also I had lots of dulce de leche (caramel), which is to my eating habits what kryptonite is to Superman. I was bloated big time. D’oh.

7. The Dog, all shiny

She does not like baths. But she got one. I love how she runs and hides behind me when Ian is trying to wrangle her for a bath. But her coat is lovely and shiny and she lacks the pungent canine aroma that she was having.

8. Home made baked beans

I have just made some. They are in the oven. Far superior to the tinned variety.

9. Internet window shopping / Ebay

It is just too cold to go out at the moment but I can look at all the stuff I want on the internet, a relaxing but monumentally time wasting activity. I blame…

10. Frocks and Frou Frou girl

I am addicted to her blog. She has got me stalking couture.

11. MOR Fin de Seicle body butter

Hubby bought this for me for my birthday. I have only just cracked it open. It smells aaaamazing, and moisturises my scaly legs very well

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  1. 1. Have not watched, but Chris was talking about buying a while back, will have romask if he did.
    2. Had not heard of previously, but just googled …. Agree very nice indeed.
    3. , 10. & 11. Girly stuff, no comment.
    4. Agree (relative to my skin not yours). Not saying yours isn’t good, just that it might be a bit perky for me to say it.
    5. Dates are one of my faces too .. Haven’t tried with almond butter.
    6. Haven’t tried.
    7. Our pooch seems to smell beautiful with almost no baths. Lucky cos she hates em too.
    8. Haven’t tried, but like tinned ones.
    9. Like Internet shopping, but not a big ebay fan.

  2. I love this sort of entry! Thanks for sharing. It’s good to learn what makes people happy, even the small things. I might follow your lead, if that’s okay šŸ™‚

  3. This cracked me up “I was stealthily comparing my complexion with my girlfriends when we were out to lunch yesterday. Mine was best. Yay.”

    And homemade baked beans! Swoon! šŸ˜€

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