Yes, Yes, Yes.


Normally I don’t like political ads, particularly so this year. Julia’s nasal twang telling us to move forward (and a little to the right). Tony being an absolute tool, as per usual.

I saw this ad on and it is going viral; here is my contribution.

The Gruen Transfer did this ad.

Fecking. Brilliant.

The ABC have refused to let the Greens use this ad. But who cares, we are in the internet age. Hopefully, in the future, with good broadband!!

I went for a massage today, at Back in Motion. It was done by a physio rather than a masseur – he just went for the sore bits, pushed and loosened them up. It hurt a lot less than the usual remedial massages, with similar effects. I will be booking in with this physio again for a consult to see which bits need working on. I have been a bit sore and sorry lately. For this reason, I have downgraded my half marathon to a 10km event in Run Melb. But I will def be at the pub after!

I have just changed jobs, and I am having a much better time. The boss is very nice and best of all, she gets out of my way and lets me get on with it. I am only realising what a crappy time I have been having in the last 5 weeks now I have a job I enjoy. My resident is very nice and she is from Paraguay, which keeps things interesting. I have been teaching her medical stuff and also giving her a crash course in Australianisms eg. Boozehound = alcoholic, ticker=heart, going arse over tit=fall etc.

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  1. Hi, just wanted to answer your question about where to go in Japan. I’ve not been anywhere much outside Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. Def try to fit Osaka in – its got the best food. Home of okonimiya, takoyaki etc. Awesome food/nightlife strip with lots of ppl watching (it’s where all the young folk go in their fancy clothes to pick up… lol). Kyoto is pretty and old.

    Around Tokyo – Shinjuku definitely. It’s awesome and insane. Lots of crazy bars and random adventures and all the host boys with their huge hair. Shibuya is awesome for shopping, where all the young Japanese girls go. Asakusa is very old style and excellent (also has the most awesome karaoke bar – $20 per hour, all you can drink!). Imperial Palace has a v popular running track around it – good for some combined sightseeing/exercise. Apparently there are places where you can rent a locker + have a shower but I didn’t see them. Roppongi is hideous = don’t go there. Full of foreigners (ie westerner guys looking for sex). Yoyogi park is really pretty and has a famous shrine (meiji shrine) + harajuku is a must see. Shopping for cheap and cute thing paradise (also best crepes in the world…)

    If you need accomodation ideas for tokyo, I have a spreadsheet with comparisons of different places i can send you. I recommend the Shinjuku citadines. Not the cheapest but very good + close to nightlife so you don’t need to worry about last train.

  2. I agree with everything that Kathryn said- especially about Roppongi. We stayed in Shinjuku as well and it was perfect for getting around.
    Will see you at the pub on the 10/10/10!

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