Shakin’ my booteh.


I went to Zumba today.

Zumba is really good if you want to be silly for an hour. And shake your booteh. Hell, I nearly shook mine right off – one of the benefits of having a big booteh is being able to shake it like a polaroid picture. And have a laugh at yourself.

But still – it was a bit lame. Respect to the only bloke in the room. I high fived him.

My ITB is a bit tight. I need a good hurty massage…..

I went out for a look at pretties in the shops today – including a lovely pair of red shoes which were 50% off. They were a bit high, but they were pretty. But I did not buy them. I just looked at them wistfully, and then strengthened my resolve by thinking about the lovelies I can buy in Japan and Hong Kong. I came home and announced my empty-handedness to my hubby, who grudgingly showed his approval!

Also, there were some uber-cute cardies in friends of couture.

I start a new rotation in Williamstown tomorrow. Hopefully it will be more enjoyable than the last.

I have a new project to distract me from couture porn – that is, planning for the trip to Japan. Yayyyy.

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