When the dog’s happy, so am I


Headed up to the Mother in Law’s house in the sticks last night – it was her birthday, and we had to make it to dinner by 8pm, after a disaster at work at 4:30 pm (damn code blue….) we had to burn rubber to make it. But we did. The MIL loved her little cloche hat I ordered her for her birthday (hathouse.com.au), it will go super well with her fake furry jacket.

This morning, we went for a walk with the dog off leash. The MIL lives on a country road which is very picturesque, and quite secluded (this proves problematic when you fall flat on your face while walking which I once did). The dog LOVED it; she piddled every 30 metres or so; who knew she had so much piddle? She barked at the galahs, she ran back and forth, she chased an emu (there is an emu farm down the road), she walked coolly past the other dogs, she jumped and panted and slobbered.

I love seeing the dog so happy, she is a funny little thing.

We had to don old clothes and gardening gloves to clear out MIL’s shed, she is moving soon. There were lots of people there to help and the dog ran and sniffed and received pats from all of them; she even let a few rub her belly. There are more people coming this evening and no doubt more belly rubs and bits of sneaky human food will be had. The MIL loves celebrating her birthday and usually makes a weekend extravaganza. The dog loves coming up to the sticks. She loves the car, too.

Back to Melbs tomorrow, me and a mate, Lizzie, are going to do Zumba, it has just started at the gym. Should be fun. Might very well be packed.

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  1. Hope you enjoy Zumba- remember not to look in the mirror. You might not laugh so much at the pussycat dolls after you have shimmied away at Zumba!

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