A Productive Sunday.


I went and saw the European Masters exhibition, sans hubby, he was in bed all feverish. I would really, really like a day off work, and wouldn’t actually mind being sick (might be less painful than fraternising with my colleagues, sometimes). So I gave him a big sloppy kiss. And to further suppress my immune system, we had Maccas for dinner. Take that, immune system!

Anywho, I digress. I loved the exhibition. I loved the paintings, some gorgeous ones by Monet, Degas and some German painter (Max somebody) who was disliked by the Nazis. I loved people watching and bumped into some people I knew – an old boss (who I had a bit of a crush on sssshhhh) and some work colleagues. Some people dislike kids being in museums, but I actually quite enjoy it when they are not clearly forced to come. I was looking at a Monet or Renoir painting (always get the two confused) of a woman in a colourful hat reading a book. I really liked it and lingered there. I heard a little girl, maybe about 5, say “Mum, that’s my favourite painting”. I turned to the little girl and said “It’s my favourite painting too!”. The little girl went all shy and the mum smiled at me.

Then I wandered into the city and lingered about the shops. I bought an elastic belt that was reduced to $2.95. I remember the last time tight belts were in; it was the same time as fluoro ra-ra skirts. I think the ra-ra skirts are making a comeback, though maybe not the fluoro ones.

I have re-joined Facebook, strictly to teach myself the skill of moderation (and to catch up with friends). I posted about trying on some Bettina Liano jeans. They really made my buttocks look good – lifted them up an inch or two. I was perving at myself in the mirror and I said “God, my arse looks good”. The saleslady giggled and said “I was just thinking that”. And they fit beautifully.

But I did not buy them. No, siree.

Then went to the gym and then fetched hubby some nurofen plus. I have prepared my tax stuff for this year, as I have an appointment with the accountant tomorrow. Hopefully a fat tax return this year.

Now, some wine and a taped French film and willing myself to get a light fever which will not make me feel too bad but be enough to preclude work for a day or two.

P.S. I am thinking about downgrading my Melb Half Mara to a good 10km, and getting the time down (? sub 65 or even less). I don’t know that I can commit the time or energy to the training for the half, but the little bits of exercise I do most days will be good training for the 10km.

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  1. I haven’t signed up for MM yet – not even sure that I will. If I do it will only be 10km as I too am going to concentrate on getting a time near 60 minutes (may take me a while). I think my next race will be Sandy Point 10km this month and then I will see.

  2. I signed up for the half. Am scared but I think I need to get back out there. Looking forward to seeing you on fbook.

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