A shameful confession….


I’ve cheated.

On my hairdresser.

Gawd, I feel guilty.

Portia at Rokk Ebony was away, so I was “conned” into seeing Giovanni, and the colourist was some big weird guy who didn’t make my hair as reddy as I wanted it. Giovanni was good but not as good as Portia. I had a little strut around after the haircut, but not nearly as pronounced a strut as with my last haircut.

That’ll learn me.

I have had a week (almost) of dressing fabulously, thanks mostly to Lillipilli and my wardrobe audit. I had multiple compliments on my outfit today. I rocked the knee length shorts with stockings, mary janes and jacket. Very smart and cute. Like me 😀

A round with evil boss #2 tomorrow. Was planning on being sick, but my resident has beat me to the chase so I will just have to rock up and SUCKITIN.

A colleague/friend of mine has just joined my gym. I asked her what goals she had and she said that she would like to be able to run around Princes Park. I told her that she can TOTALLY do that, and gave her some newbie running tips. I got a text from her that afternoon, thrilled that she had done 4km on the tready in 30 minutes. I was happy.

I have been spending a bit of money lately. I might do a “six week save”. I have lots of stuff and don’t need any more. I will just have to stay off internet shopping. Just. Stay. Away. (Although should do a flurry before, maybe?)

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  1. It’s nice when people look to you for advice on athletic pursuits isn’t it. When it happens to me, after so many years of being a blob, I still have that “Oh are you talking to me?” moment.

  2. I cheated on my stylist when I went to Rokk Ebony- but I had to go back to my usual hairdresser, it just wasn’t right. I am trying not to spend at the moment too- surely we don’t need SO MUCH STUFF! Good luck with the saving.

  3. I’m really good with internet shopping – I’d have to get off the couch and walk in the other room to get my wallet with my credit card and laziness almost always wins!

    Years ago I was really good friends with a girl who was a hairdresser. She was a pretty crap hairdresser though and I’d have to make stories when I’d go to someone else – like I tripped over and fell in a vat of hair dye!

  4. I don’t have a specific hairdresser anymore – at $240 for foils and a cut they were getting very expensive.

    I had someone come up to me in the gym last week. I gave her some tips on intervals and told her if she wanted to get fitter, faster that she had to get out of her comfort zone. She said she has been watching me smash myself for months and said that it makes her work harder. It’s nice to have someone notice, seeing as I don’t even give myself a pat on the back for hard training sessions.

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