Grim determination to be SUNNY


I have heard of this therapy called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or ACT. Basically, like a kind of zen Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Where CBT aims to challenge and replace thoughts, ACT allows you to accept your thought as a passing phenomenon and maybe gently change the subject.

eg, this week, in the car, on the way to work

“God, I am going to have a shit day at work”

CBT response: What evidence do I have that I will have a shit day at work?

ACT response: Yes, I may have a shit day at work, and work with shitty shitty people, but I will be going home in 9 hours and with any luck it will go fast and then I get to see my husband and do internet window browsing.

And then I got to work and was in quite a good mood.

Boss #2 was at her evil best. We had a conversation that consisted of her bleating at me “You don’t understand…” blah blah blah. I weakly tried to make my point. But I kept my cool. And said nothing much. Plus I had to deal with other very painful people today, and was very patient (uncharacteristically so, in fact).

I went and bought myself a cheeky little lippy – my other favourite lippy had run out. I had to do some hunting, as the previous lippy was discontinued. I settled on a revlon lippy called “sienna”. I love lippy – maximal oomph with little effort. Mascara does not have that time/vavoom ratio.

I got a nasty surprise when I tried to buy stuff from anthropologie – for $200 bucks worth of stuff, it was $90 postage! No fecking way – would rather buy locally, with local brands!

Eating-wise, I have had a good couple of days, but I overate a bit at dinner and am a bit overfull. I will be going for some exercise tomorrow morning, though.

I think I might get an early night.

Addit 2143: I have been etsy-ing. I bought a little waistcoat from myblackdress. I want an leather obi. Black? Brown? Which? Both?

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  1. I have a book I recently bought called “The Happiness Trap – How To Stop Struggling and Start Living” which is subtitled “A guide to ACT: the mindfulness-based program for reducing stress, overcoming fear, and creating a rich and meaningful life”. I haven’t read it yet, keep meaning to, I knew when I bought it I needed to read it. What does it say about me that I keep pushing it down my reading list?

  2. Ha, I often do that at work – I think well only x hours and I’ll be out of here, one way or the other! Isn’t etsy great? I have so many things bookmarked, wish I could buy them all.

  3. If you have time to kill in the city there are some awesome boutiques in Flinders Lane or in the underpass from Degraves Street to Flinders Street- I love killing time before the next train to Cranbourne in the pokey little shops where not much is made in a sweat shop!

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