Stylespiration (and a bit of perving)


Ok, I have had one day of the weekend to fortify myself and ENOUGH with my whiny blog posts (for the moment, anyway).

There is one thing that reliably puts me in a good mood, and that is fashion: the looking, the stalking, the buying. The major exception being trying on numerous jeans and pants and flying into a rage and subsequent sulk.

If it is possible to fall in love with a website, I think I have:

1. Frocks and Frou Frou

By the lovely Miss Lillipilli. Most of the fashion blogs about show skinny minnies wearing outrageously expensive clothes. Not F&FF – cheap pieces, masterfully combined on a curvy figure, with gorgeous pics. Dynamite.

In response to this (my stylespiration), I have emptied and re-arranged my wardrobe. I have some awesome clothes in there that I have forgotten about and hardly ever wear, which is a shame (all I seem to have been doing is pining about the clothes that I bought but never fit into). I have thought about some new outfits and written them down and pinned them to the wardrobe door. Hopefully this would ward of the “closet jammed with clothes, not a thing to wear” rut. It has also made me aware of what additions I can make.

2. Anthropologie

A colleague of mine always wears interesting outfits, and she gets them from this American store. Beautiful, interesting, artistic – just like me (on a good day). I will have a think then a splurge.

I have also borrowed some books from a friend:

“What I talk about when I talk about running” by Haruki Murakami and “Birds without wings” by Louis De Bernieres. Something other than diet books.

Had a lovely day with hubby yesterday – we went for a swim in the wuss pool together. The only issue was the water was not as clear as it has been. A few stray bandaids. EEEwwwww.  I tried to do lots of backstroke so I didn’t see them.

One thing I feel the need to talk about is how very Empowering the pool changerooms are. Intriguing? Then read on.

It is the first place I feel comfortable to “nude-up” in front of other people. The strange thing is, though there are lots of very fine female specimens in there, I don’t feel inferior. I dunno why – maybe it is the feeling that we all have dimples, bulgy bits and stray pubes that we don’t like.

I would love to be able to say to some of these women “nice body”, like I would compliment a person’s shoes. Who knows, it may help with whatever body issues they have. But that may come off as inappropriate (not to mention the risk of getting myself banned from the gym). So I just try and send out happy vibes.

Off to Step class (happy-robics) and then brunch with Amy and Mel. I have my outfit all planned. 🙂

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  1. My sister LOVES Anthropologie- she rang me from America when she was on holiday to get me to google the location of more of their stores – no, “Hi, how are you?” just “Are you on-line I need the address of the worlds BEST store?”
    I don’t feel that comfortable going nude in the changerooms- but I love that most people don’t have a drama hairdrying their hair before they put on a stitch!

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