Baaaarrrgggghhh! 2 of them!!!


Overbearing bosses, that is.

Today I had proof that no good deed goes unpunished.

I agreed to take over some of  another person’s work, and had spent friday afternoon doing the same. I reported the other overbearing boss (the one only a year ahead of me) that afternoon with the outcome of my assessments. She seemed quite satisfied at the time.

This morning, I got told that if I didn’t want to do the assessments, then I should tell her and that I didn’t seem very interested in her patients. I had told her that I did them as soon as I could and that, with respect, they had plans now where before there were none. There was a bit of arguing back and forth, with me asking her to talk to me more nicely, to which she replied “I will talk to you like a consultant talks to a registrar”.

My response was very nearly “oh, get fucked”. I bit my tongue and instead replied “excuse me, you are only a year ahead of me”.

I will do anything that anyone asks of me, and work as hard as I need to, but not if I am going to be given a hard time about it.

That exchange has upset me, so much that I nearly went and ate fish and chips for lunch. It smelled good. But I had a chicken and salad sandwich. Go me, I fecking rock.


I am also tired of the way they both throw their weight around, not only with me, but with the nursing and other staff. It makes me cringe sometimes, the way they talk. It has made me look at how I talk to other staff and be super nice to them.

I have decided that I am going to have a talk to one of the senior consultants – would rather things come from me than others. The senior consultants are more respectful.

I am a bit upset tonight but I will do pilates rather than eat and drink merry. It is a test.

My other rant for the day (nearly eclipsed by the rant above) with my intern colleague who also did the race, was about all the slowies starting up the front. We decided that people who only can or only intend to run 3km should probably a. not enter a 10km race and b. if they are gunna, then they should start up the goddamn back. This may be controversial but there are some out there who agree, I am sure!

P.S. I am not going to pilates tonight. I am going to stay at home with hubby cause I am too stiff and I want to debrief or “download” to hubby.

P.P.S. Cutler and Co was fantastic. A very lovely chocolatey dessert, which I left room for by not finishing the main course.

addit 2025: I ate the lollies. They were there and I wanted them.

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  1. Re the Run Melbourne SMS, it was an option you had to select at entry and it cost $1 extra, maybe you didn’t select?

    I don’t have a problem with people wanting to walk (or partially walk) a longer distance, just don’t start up the front (or walk three abreast across a path).

    Good work on not resorting to comfort (bad) food during your distress today.

  2. Sounds like you should give her back her patients. Let her do her own work. She obviously has plenty of time to look after them if she has enough time to stand there and rant to you.

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