Run Melbourne 10km ?67:XX


It dawned a beautiful winter morning in Melbourne, about as good as it gets in winter (but true to form, it is now pissing it down).

I felt really pumped this morning, really looking forward to the run. Ian took me to Fed Square and I met up with Shells. We did some warm-up aerobics, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I tried to win the Mizuno shoes with my wild booty shaking but I was not close enough to the stage.

We had to wait a good half hour at the start line to actually start. We saw Alison and Bernie shuffle through the halfway mark of the half marathon, and we went berserk cheering for them.

Anywho, we were the last pack to start. Shells shot off, while I shuffled along at my own pace. I was passed a lot before 3km, but after that, I picked off a lot of people who decided to go out fast then walk. I had to hip and shoulder through a few groups of folk who wanted to walk two and three abreast on narrow paths.

I got to 8km in record time (for me) but the hills started to wear me out a bit and I even needed to walk a few steps up some of the final hills, esp that small steep one at Wellington st.

I sprinted the last 400 metres or so and finished in about the time above.

All of my kilometres were sub-7mins, mostly in the 6:40 area. Which is good, because about 6 weeks ago we were doing 7:30kms.

I did not wear my orthotics, so I had a bit of arseritis afterwards (but no blisters). I had some stomach troubles afterward as well. I think I left it a bit long to eat because I suffered from some hypoglycaemia. I ended up having french fries and sour snakes for lunch because that was all I could stomach. I also had some asthma after the event; I was trying very hard to huck up a lung.

Saw Wombat, Bernie, Alison, Tony, Andrew and Kat afterwards at transport, always good to catch up with the crew.

This afternoon, got a butt massage (and tiger balm application) from the hubby, and had a snooze thereafter. Off to Cutler and Co (restaurant) for dinner, should be aaamazing.

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