Re-jigging my Qi


Honing my zen, getting my mojo.

I have had the most restful Saturday in a long while.

I had my home-made toasted muesli for breakky, did some chores and went off to the pool. The wuss pool was full of kids doing swimming lessons so I had to go in the big outdoor pool. It was not so bad; it was a lovely sunny day and it was good to look up at the big blue sky while doing my backstroke.

I have a little secret: I have been wanting to try a triathlon for a while, but the limiting factor is that I have not had a bike and was not that good at freestyle and of course the fact that I am sloooooow.

I am doing triathlons now, just not all in one go! But the freestyle remains a problem. Specifically I can’t do it for the 50m stretch of the outdoor pool. I don’t know why. If I go one breath for two strokes, then that gives me a stitch (probably because my body goes into a jackknife shape, which is not very efficient). If I go one breath for four strokes, then I lose my breath.

So I took the same approach that I did when I first started running. Go slow and focus on technique.

So I went slow and made sure my arms were stretched out when I did the stroke. I found that if I went slower, I was able to last the whole 4 strokes.

I did good, I did a few laps of freestyle (all of which I had to stop and re-arrange myself mid-lap).

I am glad I did this exercise, because it is very relaxing. I even had a little snooze after lunch.

The relaxation is very much needed, as I have a second fusspot boss to contend with. She is only one year senior to me and I sense that she gets very “bogged down” in detail. She has asked me to look after a few of the patients (her registrar if off on exam leave soon) and I have agreed. I got a text later in the arvo saying that she was “worried about the patients I had taken over” and could I call her when I had seen them so she could “stop worrying for the weekend”. Now I took that as more of a reflection of her anxious (tightarse) nature than my skills, so I resisted the temptation to tell her to chill the f*** out. I called her back with my plans and she was mollified. She is a bit of a namby-pamby  person too; I don’t think she liked me calling one of the punters a “cantankerous old bugger” who I managed to make get out of bed (bed is a dangerous place, trust me) by “shouting”. My methods are unconventional and at times controversial, but they usually work. Besides, my grandpappy was a cantankerous old bugger so I consider myself expert in cantankerous communication.

Further proof of the truism: “no good deed goes unpunished”.

Tonight – lovely steak, kipflers and tatsoi salad

Tomorrow – run melbourne. I just want to have a good run. The plan is to start out slow then go go go. Like a tigress. Like I ran on my 30th birthday.

As an afterthought, a big pat on the back and virtual hug for Shauna who has been very brave documenting…..just read her post.

The dog is being quite verbose today, with barks, growls and whimpers. I don’t know what what her caper is. She thinks she’s people.

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  1. Well done on the swimming. I too have been thinking of triathlons -though the running leg would be my worst.

    Good luck tomorrow. I will probably catch up with you after the race.

  2. have you tried breathing every three strokes (opposite sides) on your freestyle? I find that 2 is too quick, and 4 is too long; 3 is just right. 🙂

  3. I think you know that I did a few triathlons a couple of years back and hated the ocean swimming which is so much harder than in a pool. I usually only breathe every 4 or 6 strokes. I also use hand paddles sometimes which I find really slow down my stroke.

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