For a change, CAN be arsed.


So I have to roll with it.

Case in point: got home, went to pilates class, got back, cooked dinner while Ian was cleaning up, he broke a platter and cut his finger, I kissed it better, we ate dinner, then I  continued cleaning the kitchen including the grotty bits on the bench (cajoling Ian into helping), then I let Ian off the hook, prepared breakfast (bircher muesli), made fruit salad, packed lunch (leftover fried rice), made bed, put on washing, took washing from dryer (but have yet to fold it). Have now just sat down. I feel good.

Last night I had Andrew and Kat (Katsmumblings) over for a cocktail party (without the cocktails). Lots of yummy food and good company and mulled wine. The dog did her signature sucking up for food and pats. I showed my recent artworks (Giuliana and others). We had a really good time.

The boss was very, very overbearing and a little snappy this morning. Bit my tongue when she picked on my ward round notes (on the tip of it “well, if you don’t like my notes, you can please feel free to write the fuckers yourself” or “outside, BIATCH!”). Then she started picking on my resident and I said “Just let her write !!”. To which the boss replied “I am just letting you know how I like things. Is there a problem?”, to which I then replied “Nope”.

I am trying hard to bite my tongue. I am a natural born smartarse so it is difficult. I have tried not to give ‘tude. Only 18 more (working) days. But I did not like the way she snapped the patient folder shut while my resident was reading it. That is just fecking bad manners. She was quite sycophantic with the boss.

When I think of funny phrases like “the pole up her arse has a pole up ITS arse” I have a little giggle to myself. It helps me cope, without resorting to wine or food.

So prepare to hear more rants. I think I am at my funniest when angry.

P.S: I HATE it when you are on a website and an advertisement jumps out at you from its little box. That is bullshit and it should be banned.

P.P.S. I miss Facebook. But I will not go back just yet.. Maybe just before an overseas trip so I can catch up with peeps.

P.P.P.S. I got my organic f&v box today. All good stuff, but the purple tatsoi. What the feck, pray tell, does one do with tatsoi?

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  1. You are so good to bite your tongue like that! I’d have steam coming out my ears already 😀 Stay strong! Only 18 more days!

    Tatsoi? what the heck is Tatsoi? It sounds like a swearword substitute – example: “Your boss needs a good kick up the Tatsoi” 😀

  2. Maybe she is like that because she is trying to prove herself to you and is a little insensitive, or she is just a biatch. Probably the latter. Great productive day for you miss!

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