I did not eat all the chips.


I have been a bit up and down with regard to the eating/body image/obsessing thing.

But Ian and I went to the pub and had a bewdiful steak and chips. I began to feel full about 2/3 of the way through the meal, so I ate up the salad and left about 1/2 the chips.

Gosh, I was proud of myself. This is a big step for me. Chips are my favourite food, or definitely up there with them. I have never met a spud I didn’t like, especially one cocooned by fat.

anyway, the day was a bit busy – examining for the mock exam today, then into Cafe Quince for lunch, then to the city to pick Giuliana up. I met up with my Brother in Law for coffee (actually pinot and some french fries, I had a chippy kind of day). But I was craving chips, so I have eaten chips, and will try not to feel guilty.

Tomorrow, a run with Shells, then preparing to have some folks over.

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  1. Well done! having some chips but leaving the rest = caring for yourself on lots of levels.
    Sorry i accidentally used the wrong name on sara’s blog! I hope I didn’t offend you saying you’d been snippy about sara’s s-i-l, when it was someone else entirely (who obviously has never struggled with either weight or depression). ((hugs)) hope my carelessness wasn’t too hurtful

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