This is what my right latissimus dorsi muscle decided to do at 0700 hrs this morning, the bit near the neck and between the shoulder blade and spine. And I just moved a little bit. But it was all it took to send my muscle into spasm and me crying out ow, ow, ow, owwwww! And it has been paining me all day, I could not move my neck very well.

The boss and my resident offered to massage the sore bit. It helped, but I am still sooooorrre.

Otherwise, I must have gotten out of the right side of bed, because my mood (particularly toward my boss, it helped that she rubbed my back) was good today.

I have taken your advice and bit my tongue. I shall humour her, and like you all say, it is only for a little while.

Otherwise, there is not a great deal to report.

Addit 2036hrs:

I had some celebrity based rants to get off my chest.

  1. Ben Cousins. Number one – the cause of the adverse reaction to the sleeping pills was TAKING TOO MANY OF THE FUCKERS. If you take too many, you don’t wake up. Bazinga. And number two – you are on your ninth life already, buddy, and I am not talking just about footy. And number three – “demanding” to be tested for illicit drugs – you are a tool. tool tool tool tool TOOL.
  2. Cheryl Cole contracting deadly virus. Firstly – we can only hope. Secondly, malaria is not a virus, fools, it is a parasite. How ironic, a parasite in a parasite. Thirdly – malaria is a largely preventable disease – you don’t go to Tanzania to get tan or cuddle babies or whatever without dunking yourself in industrial strength insect repellent and taking industrial strength prophylaxis. And number four: the main people that die from malaria are impoverished children from malaria endemic countries who cannot afford food, let alone malaria prophylaxis

and with that, I go to bed.

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  1. omg a similar thing happened to my neck on sunday, though it happened while i was shopping for a wok. I think I must’ve moved my neck suddenly or something cos I definetly pulled something, from the base of my head to down near my shoulder blade. it still hurts.
    re: 1. Ben Cousins. Meh. I couldn’t give 2 flying farts about him.
    2. Cheryl Cole. Who?

  2. oh ouch with the neck! Take it easy- but I guess you know to do that šŸ˜€ But I hate the back pain that is unexpected, and higher up than I’m used to (I can get lower back pain). It forces you to stand and sit straight or it spasms again, and then the rest of your body aches from sitting so straight and still for so long! *hugs*

  3. Ben Cousins adverse reaction? I don’t get it. I thought that if you take too many sleeping pills and you can’t wake up, the pills worked/did what they are supposed to do. Where is this adverse reaction?

  4. Cheryl who?

    Ben, ben, ben, alarm bells went off when I read about him taking stuff to pick him up and bring him down, can you say vicious cycle ben?

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