If you are offended by swearing, stop reading about now.

I have started a new job, on a newly created unit.

The boss is a lady only 2 years senior to me – we were registrars together a few years ago.

I was co-opted to this job because I was a senior registrar and had experience in the particular area.

For the next 34 working days (who is counting)I have the feeling that I will be task managed to within an inch of my life. Having my shoulder looked over all the time. Having very little autonomy.

I am mostly fairly laid back, but like to get to the “guts” of the issue quickly. She is fastidious and likes to take me through step by step. A fusspot. Which is extremely irritating. I find her overbearing, a person for whom something can only be correct if it has come from her mouth. It is very disempowering, because at the end of the day, I am the junior.

I do not like how she talks to people. Complaining that the handover room is messy after night shift, and saying that she will ask the night nurses to clean it up. If I were the nurse she asked, I would tell her that she can either attend to the patients overnight or come in and clean it up herself, and if that didn’t work, she could blow it out her jacksy.

I would like to try not to get upset. Hopefully it will settle down and she will leave me to my own devices soon. One day at a time. Nod and smile. Count the hours till home time. Be passive. I will give it a week or two, then see how it goes.

Anyone had any similar experiences? Maybe I can send her the invoice for the headshrinkers I see.

No swearing just yet – it seems unnatural on the blog (tacky even), but trust me, I was rolling all manner of profanities off the tongue when I got home tonight.

I feel tired now – not least because I have to start at 7:45am.

But it is a good challenge, particularly on the emotional eating front. I am doing ok on that front.

Will need to think happy thoughts. Or funny thoughts (maybe like daydreaming about telling miss bossy boots to go fuck herself – there ’tis!!!)

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  1. ARrggh I hate being micromanaged. I think with those kind of bosses, the best thing to do is work out what they think is important then do that — if they are focused on details, make sure you cover your arse. It might go against the grain but it’s easier esp if it’s only a short term thing. If it was long term, I’d say get out.

  2. My new manager tried to micro manage his team of Sgts and it failed miserably- he didn’t realise how busy he was going to be and his colleagues (same rank) told him to stop it. He didn’t and learnt it all by himself. Now he is relaxed and trusts us. When he first started he wanted me to report to him when I started every day, then one of my fellow Sgts told him that he reports to us not the other way around. Good luck!

  3. My last director was a micromanager with authority issues. He was always concerned about how he was being perceived by his clients. I was in my last job for 3 years and he still didn’t trust me, though I never did anything for him to feel that way. In the end I couldn’t take it and I got out. Bite your tongue for the next 34 days. It’ll be an exercise in self control, as I’m sure it already is. And thank your lucky stars it’s not a long term thing!

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