It’s like riding a bike, you never forget.



Ian and I went out for a ride this morning, and I can assure you that I did forget some of it. We rode down the capital city trail, to Collingwood Children’s farm and Abbotsford Convent. Not before adjusting my seat one million times. Or getting off the bike to walk across the street with it.

It was a lovely ride though, some of it quite hilly. I don’t know how to do the gears so you can go uphill; can any of you bikeophiles out there tell me? Or do you just need freaking strong legs and lungs?

I asserted my superior physical fitness (tongue firmly in cheek) to my husband, but he lost me at the end….he still has not gotten home, am a bit worried now….

Collingwood kiddy farm was great fun, there was the Rat Fanciers Society (yes, not shitting you, that is the name) present, and they bought their rats with them. Rats are quite cute and don’t bite. They like to sit on your shoulder. We also saw goats, a pony, sheep and several bizarre breeds of chickens. All good fun.

Now, am at home, decamped in front of the heater, waiting for Hubby. ….

addit 1630 – found him – he was out looking for me. Salutary lesson to not show athletic prowess, and take mobile phones.!!!!

addit 1948: All my old facebook buddies – I still get the fb messages emailed to me, so I have been hearing everything.

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  1. You will be fine in about two more rides- new gears always take a bit of time to sort out- be happy you don’t have to factor in clicking your shoes in and out of your pedals! How many gears do you have? How many cog wheels at the front? I usually just switch onto the smaller front cog when I feel the hill bite.

  2. As Morsey says, a couple more rides and you will be fine. You may even find that you really like it. I do. I have been missing it lately. Geoff and I rode into the city and back from around Fairfield a few months ago and havent really ridden since, been doing more running and the weather has been not so good.

  3. I am like Winston, I hate rats!!

    The Children’s Farm is fab, I used to ride there alot and have picnics when I lived in Kew.

    My tip for riding up hills is to whinge alot, I am strictly a recreational peddler, total flat only please 🙂

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