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Some of my best decisions are made on impulse. And while I was at the gym today, I decided to quit Facebook.

That’s right, quit Facebook!!! Now I can spend my time doing productive things like blogging, talking with my spouse, and cleaning up my study / cleaning up my desk. I am even planning a bike ride with Hubby on Sunday if there is no rain.

The other impulsive thing I have done that is probably a good decision…..might just keep that private, for the moment. I may write of the experience when I have accumulated it. But for now, just me. No, before you speculate, I am not pregnant, or planning to be just at the moment. But it is scary, and a little exciting. Nothing earth shattering though.

I did some exercise today, despite having a crick in my neck. An awful crick in my neck. The running is getting a bit easier.

Well, a bit of a boring post today, just checking in.

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  1. That is big- I have been trying to use it for good not evil- ie. playing long distance scrabble with Dean, rather than looking up people from school who I really don’t care about at all. Good luck!

  2. I applaud your decision! So easy to lose many hours to FB. Just wish you’d left it up long enough for me to wake up on this side of the world and answer your message πŸ˜‰ So… thanks very much for the feedback and hell yeah, defo meet up whenever we’re in the same neck of the woods πŸ™‚

  3. well done. the only thing that stops me from quitting is that my japanese school uses it for communication. otherwise it’s all bollocks.

    Btw I sent you a msg on fb before i realised you’d quit. I can’t make it next weekend, but if you want to set a date to go over some basic japanese, let me know. I’ve got notes from my classes and also a phrasebook thing for your ipod, if i can find it.

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