Naming the Nude.


I only had 2 takers to name my nude (painting). Julia and Penny. She does not look like a Penny. Or even a Penelope. Julia is a nice sentiment, but is a bit anglo. So I will call her Giuliana. I was thinking of Giulietta, but there was a girl at school named Juliette who was mean to me 😦

Anywho, the dog is acting odd….she loves sitting in front of the heater but she pants uncontrollably.

It was fricking cold today. Did not reach 10 degrees.

Food: Fruit 2, Vegies 5, chocolate yes – Lindt Dark orange intense yummm (quantity quite constrained given that it is the time of the month and I want to dip my head in a vat of nutella. small glass of wine. Points (/24) 24.5 whoops 26 – I ate custard.

exercise: Pilates 4 points used. – net points 20.5

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  1. I got my Primal Blueprint book from bookdepository too. It was actually cheaper there than from Mark’s website, which is a bit strange. It only took about a week to get here too. I like bookdepository!

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