On Dickheads.


I learned a salutary lesson today.

Sometimes, even though a person is a dickhead, doesn’t mean they are not right.

And also, even dickheads need to be heard.

At work, I saw a patient, mother of dickhead, and dickhead son was present. It was good that I realised that he was a dh early on, because it allowed me to be objective and hear his quite legitimate complaints, and help him. And his mum. It’s not her fault her son is a dh.

So that is my thought for the day.

I went to see my friend yesterday. She gave birth to her second bub a week ago, and she and her hubby were having a party. A baby-warming party. Beautiful little female bubba. Didn’t cry at all, except for a little period when she was hungry. She stayed awake for everyone to give her a cuddle. Breaking the baby cuddle democracy rule, I had two cuddles. I also practiced burping the baby. Very cool. Newborns are small and easy to wrangle. It was lovely to see hubby looking so comfortable holding a bubba too.

cluckcluckcluckcluckcluck. Was all ready to get the engines running last night, but I need to get stuff sorted out, get off medication etc.


Yesterday: exercise – run 20 mins , xtrainer 20 minutes. 20 minutes is a good time for me, long enough to build the speed up, short enough so I don’t freak out about the time. Eating: not so good, with afternoon tea. ended up about 6 points in debit (negative). whoops.

Today: exercise – 20 minute swim in wuss pool (3 points), eating – vegies 6 serves, fruit 2 serves. small glass wine. 23 points. rooly good. So was 4 points in credit. Yeeha.

I got my second delivery of organic fruit and veg. We got a bigger box this time, just as a challenge. The service of this lot seems a bit better. Now, what to do with the red cabbage.

I just read in paper “Wintry weather hits melbourne”. Derrrrrrrr.

Also, I have just done some impulsive evening baking. I hate seeing bananas (or, indeed, any food) go to waste. Yet I have a tendency of ruining recipes, because I assume the recipe rules don’t apply to me. I tend to use a bit of creative licence. Hope the banana bread works out – I substituted the oil for low fat milk. It smells good baking. It is good having a dog, because she likes leftovers. The only thing she won’t eat is banana, funnily enough. She had a go at apple on the weekend, but I think she only ate it because her humans were eating it.

I saw a fellow at the Portland pub last monday evening. He was a big, buff fellow and looked vaguely familiar. My suspicions were confirmed today, it was Police Chief Simon Overland. My, he looks strong and brave !

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  1. Not so cute when they are screaming the house down with chronic colic for weeks on end, I think the birth of my darling little brother when I was 16 coincided with my decision to do a Julia.

    Red cabbage, hmmmm, coleslaw, saurkraut…..ummm, chuck some in a stir fry.

  2. As I sit here with the kids in bed, dinner dishes done, table ready for the morning and lunches all ready sorted- I wonder, what is so hard about this. Then I realise that the past 7 years were probably hard and I am just reaping the rewards! At least I don’t get gastro every time I visit now.

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