But first I went for a fricking cold run with shells, and it was raining as well. We ran about 4.5km before I got a blister and we walked on for about 5oom and sat down and surveyed the damage. I decided that we would jog as slowly as possible back. We jogged, yapped, talked politics (she is against mining taxes, I am very much for them) and had a giggle. We did not go as fast as we had planned but we did do 10km and it was fricking cold so we did well to even get out of bed.

On the way home, went to the 2xu sale at the Collingwood Town hall. I wanted a rainproof jacket, but the 2xu jackets were very tight around the hips and baggy about the waist (ie fitted better for the average male). So I bought a “stretchy” sweat wicking vest with pockets that are for ornamental value only, some full length pants x2 (1 boot cut, 1 tights) and 2 ripper long sleeve tops. Plus a gym bag.

Then went on to my art class, where I started my painting – found a tasteful photo of a nude to paint. The beginnings of the painting look good and I am looking forward to hanging her. Anyone have a good name for her?

We went to the “local” for dinner; the local pub does Spanish food, which is quite good. We had some bread, olives, chorizo and paella. Had some choc icecream for dessert. We hired the movie “the hurt locker”, but a bit too scary to watch. Hence I am half watching and half drawing pictures. But good to see these films, to get some vague idea of what the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan go through.

Me, I don’t want war. Violence begets violence begets fear begets bigotry begets fear begets violence. I prefer subversive knitting as a form of protest.


Food (/24) 33.5

Serves fruit 2 Serves Veg 4 Alcohol 2 glasses.

Exercise: 1hr 45 minutes, 10.5 points burned – net food 23 points.

Tomorrow: hope to do some exercises (no excuses – have good gear now), then plan to go see my friends new bubba.

Em – no controversial remarks about Redheads today. šŸ™‚

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  1. We watched Hurt Locker and I loved it- if you ignore the American-ness of it all, boo-ya, then it is entertaining.
    I am with Kathryn- just a bit of multi tasking!

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