I feel a bit sick.

I went to Newcastle this weekend (actually shoal bay) and met my hubby for a conference. We stayed at the Shoal Bay resort and spa. The spa was alright. The pool was entirely too cold.

Had a great time, good to meet hubby’s internet imaginary friends. Found a lovely cheap art supplies shop in a back street of Nelson Bay and bought a few supplies that I need for art class.

But back to my initial comment….I am feeling seedy.

As my little old Macedonian ladies say “Tooooo muuuuccch”.

Have over-indulged in wine, fatty breakfast treats, and lobster bisque (one could argue that any lobster bisque is overindulgence, given the cream content).

To compound the bloaty sense of uneasiness, the GPs at this conference had a set of scales with bioimpedance analysis (measures your body fat). On the upside, my visceral (midriff) fat was low, but my % body fat was high. Too high. Which tells me what I have intuitively known for a long time: my arse is too big.

Mercifully, my scales at home have been broken or have run out of batteries. Perhaps weighing myself needs to be an at the doctors thing, rather than a daily thing.

But I was ok otherwise, went for a swim and a run. Which is something, I suppose 🙂

I am watching my 2nd girl crush on TV – Abby from NCIS. She is on good news week. But Ziva is my favourite. She kicks butt. She is my first girl crush.

I have been playing cupid as well, caught up with my friend, littlesare, on friday night. She has been through a bit, including marriage gone horribly wrong, and is now considering getting back on the proverbial horse. I racked my brains, pondering the man-drought out there. Then I flashed with inspiration – somebody that I don’t know that well, but is one of my 320 closest facebook friends, who is a lovely fellow and would be perfect for littlesare. I thought to myself “Oh my God I’m fricking Brilliant!!!. She had a little meltdown when he called her, but then called him back and arranged a date. Good on her. They will have beautiful babies together (ok, may be getting slightly ahead of myself….)

Better do some folding and other drudgery. Work off the seediness.

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  1. We have the argument about Abby Vs Ziva all the time. I can’t believe I missed Abby on GNW even after you reminded me! I am struggling with the size of my posterior at the moment too but have been ignoring it successfully for a while now.

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