A bike – I has one!


After last weekend, I had a wonderful proper weekend sans work.

I really enjoyed the Art class, learned how to draw with charcoal, which is a great medium to work with, very bold and expressive but most importantly, forgiving. The art teacher was called Florentina – what an appropriate name for an art teacher!

Then Ian and I met up, dashed through the foul weather and went to Cumulus Inc for dinner – best way to describe it as a very flashy Tapas bar. Lots and lots of great food and great wine. Went to sleep really early. Then lots and lots of discomfort and tummy upset (and for some reason, palpitations). Too much of a good thing.

Sunday, met up with the girls to see SATC 2. I went prepared to hate it and actually tried to convince the girls not to see it and just sit in a cafe and gossip.

The first half hour was really quite good, with a flashy gay wedding, witty wit and Liza Minelli singing and dancing to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”.

It was downhill from there – went from witty wit to fuckwit. It really was offensive to Muslims, I could see why they would want a fatwah against it. Carrie and Samantha were quite objectionable both in terms of their personalities and the masses of botox they had obviously received, shadows of their fabulousness (alas, with fabulous clothes). Miranda and Charlotte were somewhat more likeable.

I didn’t quite want to stick a fork in my eye during the movie. I almost did, but not quite. The couture and footwear saved it, somewhat.

This morning before work I went for a 20 minute run on the tready – starting at 9.2kph for the first 10 minutes, then gradually increasing to 10.9kph at the end. Good sensation at the end; quite breathless but not quite with the urge to spew. I had a good sing along to my ipod (to Queen, no less) during the warm-up. It would not be right to sing while running.

After work – hurty massage. Was good.

ooh, ooh, oooh, I nearly forgot, I bought a bike yesterday! It is a hybrid – pretty purple and silver with a matching helmet. I got the drink cage and bike lock, but held back on the pink handlebar streamers. So hopefully lots of pleasant bike rides and few altercations with motorised vehicles! Hooray! Hoo roo.

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  1. We should definitely go for a ride soon. I am not that into shoes so I will hold back on SATC 2 (and I haven’t seen the first one so I might not be able to pick up the thread!)

  2. I love to bike ride too, with my kids! Or I like to run alongside as they bike. Some of the roads here have too much traffic so I stay away from those.

    I never liked SATC, I tried to like it but I just couldn’t! 🙂

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