Bloated silly.


So I am trying to be all cool about myself, just eat well, exercise, don’t worry about it, but 2kg came on over a week. I dunno whether it is fluid or poo or what but now I just feel….I dunno…dirty….or something and my head is a fricking mess.

It did not help that I baked the baked goodies yesterday, plus put chocolate chips in my porridge. I have only had one bickie and 2 little pieces of cake, but had a few little bits of italian baked goods at work today. I even went for a run this morning but I still feel out of sorts.

I am sure, from the outside, I look exactly the same. But on the inside, in my belly, in my head, I just feel all wrong.

Maybe I should pimp my scales on ebay? Smash them to smithereens? Develop an allergy to wine ( have been partaking in a glass every night).

I bleat into the cold, rainy night: could somebody talk some sense into me? Please?

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  1. Sassy, you know that you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. Don’t weigh yourself every week and DON’T weigh yourself after eating a little amount of bad stuff. Give your body time to adjust – your run this morning won’t even register on the scales yet. Breathe, relax and know that we all can’t be perfect all the time – some days you need to be able to break out a bit. Put on your fav clothes, lipstick and say what the hell.

  2. My scales are broken right now- they must be, they cannot be registering the same amount for the past SIX WEEKS- so I hear you loud and clear. Ignore those scales, walk past them with your nose in the air and pretend they are that loser boy that dumped you in grade four because your best friend had better play lunch to share.

  3. Sassy – you also need to realise that the scales are only one measure, and if taken singularly give a misrepresentation of your overall health.
    We all have bad days when we feel not as good as we could (mine is normally after eating a tube of pringles, followed by some chocolate), but in the overall scheme of things, we don’t do too bad. And you’re doing better than not bad.
    Keep your chin (or should that be chins, lol) up.

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