Runkeeper, how I love thee!


I went for a run this morning with runkeeper. It is like a garmin, but bigger and bulkier and it plays music and talks to me in a benign american female voice!

I had hoped to do 2 laps of prinny but due to laziness hip issues and blister issues I only got 1 and a bit laps around. The good thing was that my pace picks up as I run – it is good to run a negative split. I am nowhere near the 6min km average I need to be at to get a 60 minute 10km, but maybe for the Melb Mara, or I might pick a Sri C race.

So the plan is this:

  • prepare, plan and premedicate before a run
  • tape up blistery areas (different with the new orthotics).
  • Keep podiatrist appointment.

I have bought a couple of books from – supercheap books with free delivery. You only have to wait a week or two for them (longer if Icelandic Volcanoes are being naughty). The books I bought are “In defence of food” by Michael Pollan, and “Food Politics” by Marion Nestle. They are part of a global push to eat real food (which is in the peripheries of the supermarket) as opposed to edible foodlike substances (diet soft drink, anything by weight watchers). “In defence of food” also casts doubt upon the lipid hypothesis of causation of cardiovascular disease. I don’t remember anyone telling me at medical school to eat less eggs and meat to prevent CV disease, it is just enshrined in our culture and assumed knowledge. However, I do remember a cardiologist singing the praises of olive oil, dark choc and red wine :). And there is the whole trans fats business…..I was in the supermarket with hubby in the butter section, and he looked at the lard with some interest. I told him that the lard would be better for him than most of the so called healthy margarines….

I am cooking dinner for some friends tomorrow night – the menu is as follows:

I shall let you know how said cake goes…I have bought the choccy chips and I dare not open them tonight for fear of pouring the packet into my gob.

Work this weekend…….ugh….but will pay some bills.

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