Monday musings.


I had a good weekend – had planned to catch up with a couple of esteemed running colleagues but it was not to be.

I took the mother in law out for some shopping. She has lost weight recently and needs new clothes. When she came back with stuff like what she usually wears (highly pragmatic but not really flattering or feminine), I told her that I didn’t like them and proceeded to pick her out some things in colours she didn’t normally wear (dusky pink, teal, fuschia – not all on the same garment). Surprisingly, she submitted to trying them on. Not surprisingly, (due to my styling skills), she looked good. Hot damn, she had a waist if she cared to show it in clothes that don’t resemble tents. Not bad for a lady in her late fifties. I even convinced her to buy some makeup from Christian Dior, I have been a fan of Maquillage de Monsieur Dior since a giddy encounter at a Galeries Lafayette in Paris. The mascara is Le Bomb. Love the stuff. I even made her buy a colour of lippy that she maintained was too orangey but I thought bought out the roses in her cheeks (nice Pommy skin well moisturised over the years).  Much better than the yucky pinky plummy brown that she likes which succeeds only to wash every ounce of radiance from a person (alas, the selection of wealthy ladies who lunch).

Had some lovely breakfasts on the weekend – an atypical one cos the MIL was here. On Saturday went to Mitte where I learned about the inspired combination of avocado and dijon mustard on sourdough toast (seriously good, ate it again today). On sunday, we all went along to Cafe Two on Rathdowne st in North Carlton – very friendly waitresses, nice brekky and all manner of interesting baked goods (looked at and admired but not consumed).

Had to stay up late on Saturday to pick up Hubby from the airport; he had his exam on Perth. He needed a bit of phone TLC on thursday after his first exam but felt quite good after the second. It is good to have him back. I took the hubby out shopping on Sunday for new clothes for him – he only has one pair after all his others wore out around sensitive areas (near the butt seam). It is rather like pulling teeth as he hates shopping but I usually deal with it by getting him to try on one or two things and picking out the rest and giving it to the saleslady before he can moan “I don’t need that”. Quick and dirty, that is how it is done.  managed not to buy any footwear or clothing items (Ok – picked up a CD and book but they were cheap!!). I have been inspired by Project Kathryn re: Crap I don’t need and playing with (and wearing) crap I already have.

Last night Hubby, his brother and I went to see a documentary at the Nova called “food inc”, which is about the social, environmental and health impacts of highly industrialised food production in the US. Ok that sounds boring but it was really good, trust me.

The exercise efforts have been fairly piss poor over the last few days (i.e. none) but have been a bit achy in the back and hips. I will rectify it soon – promise 😛

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