I don’t need any more serotonin, I have my own, thanks very much.


I went to the headshrinker this morning. It is more like a pleasant chat about myself nowadays than hard hitting and uncomfortable self-analysis.

Don’t get me wrong, I love talking about myself, but I have to pay for the privilege. Still, what price mental health, eh? He got the Sassy show back on the road , and I trust what he says. Being a doctor yourself, you have to sort of “hand yourself over” to the doctor and trust them. A doctor who treats themself has a fool for a patient!

I told him about how I was not going to worry about my weight anymore, he was a little concerned. He said “everyone has to keep an eye on it”. I thought “I know, I have knowledge of many foods to their kilojoule content and fat grams”. This is not healthy. It is certainly not good for mental health. The way I see it, I told him, I should keep an eye on my weight the way a chilled parent supervises a 2 year old at a cafe. Mindful, but not obsessive.

Anywho. I have been feeling really good.

I have discovered an app on my iphone called Runkeeper. It basically acts like a garmin through the iphone (taking advantage of the inbuilt GPS), but a heck of a lot cheaper. It is also available on android phones also. I had a nice little play with it this morning, but found out I was quite a bit slower than I thought on hills. I had a nice little run down Merri Creek, examining the clouds and enjoying the morning. I like the whole GPS thing – an object looking at you from deep space, kind of makes you feel at one with the universe etc etc.

I have enrolled in an art course (drawing, painting etc) at the CAE. I have been drawing in my little doodle diary, rather than watching telly, some nights. It has been good.

Well I had better get myself off to work. Then back home to tidy up for the mother in law.

This weekend – hope to catch up with Sarge Sara and Kath of the new and fabulous blog. I liked her blog on saving money. It puts me back in my place. Which I need sometimes.

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  1. Someone told me the other day that iPhone can only run one app at a time. What happens if you get a phone call or a message halfway through a run, does Runkeeper cope?

  2. I used RunKeeper this morning because my garmin wasn’t charged! The battery doesn’t last long if you keep the screen on full brightness. I can’t remember what happens if you get a phone call in the middle of a run, but I don’t think it stops the app.

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