Self-Esteem Shopping.


I heard a good phrase – “Dress for the woman you are, not for the woman you wish you were”.

Also a good one from my brother in law – ” your neuroses are only interesting to yourself, not to other people” (unless or course you have a blog).

Yesterday, I had a day off – was unwell with sinusitis. Head was about to explode in a mucoussy heap (ok, TMI).

Had a good sleep and sorted myself out.

Today, a lovely run with the dog down to merri creek and back. She started out really quickly and was quite good up the hills, but towards the end she tired a bit.

Then off to the podiatrist to get some more orthotics – the old ones caused me some nasty blisters at trailwalker. The best bit was that he was really impressed with my one-legged squat, which I have been working hard on, to improve my balance.

Then some self-esteem shopping – I bought a “diet dress” ie one that makes you look slim no matter what kind of drudgery you are feeling. Then some jeans with a patented pull the tummy in and lift your butt up high tensile stretchy denim. They make my butt look so perky that it could introduce itself at parties (it almost does anyway)

I am over jeans or dresses that are designed by gay men or anorexic women which show the muffin tops rather than skimming over them mercifully.

Am feeling a million bucks now.

Have got the nike plus ipod thingy working, hopefully I can track my runs a bit better.

I have also been practicing my artwork, this helps to smoosh the body obsessions.

I would also like to congratulate wompa and wom-ma on the arrival of their granddaughter.

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  1. I have a dress like that, I call it The Stealth Dress, no matter how I am feeling I look and feel amazing when I wear it đŸ™‚

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