A banal miscellany.


I am an assortment of aches and pains. A case of join the dots. The bit where the neck joins the shoulders. The bit of the back between the small of the back and my left butt cheek. Tight hammies. A niggle in my left lateral knee. Most recently, my left groin has joined in the achy party. That was the bit that I pulled during trailwalker and aggravated on my morning run going up a small hill on Sydney road. So pilates was out this arvo. I am taking my sorry carcass to the sports doc tomorrow – the one who looks like he happily runs a marathon before breakfast. But I suppose that is what they all look like.

Ian is out gallavanting this evening, so I have the house to myself. On a friends advice, I have rented out some chick flick DVDs, “It’s complicated” and “Whip it”. Should be good.

The dog is out chewing some old meat from the freezer, which I defrosted for her (truth: I ran out of dog food and that was all I could find – it was either that or chuck the meat out).

Don’t even ask about the weight goals, but I feel good at the moment – kind of energetic. Inspired. I want to do some drawing. I want draw some old people’s faces. They have character.

Maybe the unblocking of the creative bunghole has something to do with the lack of things I like on telly at the moment. More time, all the better to use wisely!

I think I might go and look at one of the dvds now. I will pop my anti-inflammatory pill, drink some tea made of expensive herbs that look like garden mulch, and relax.

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