A brain workout.


As you will all be aware, I have been gearing up to do some research next year, in obesity in the elderly. I thought I would set aside this day to write an article for a major journal on this topic.


It is very, very, hard – all I do is keep finding new articles. I have to narrow it down. Get a slant, an angle. I have racked my brains trying to think of one.

So I have decided to put my energy into a research proposal, the literature review is more focused and less involved. I have already got a general idea of what I want to say, anyway. And I don’t have to contend with doing footnotes, just references. Footnotes are hard because every journal wants them done differently.


I have had a good weekend – some exercise, more eating, lots of cooking (vege lasagna and apple crumble), catching up with friends and spending quality time with hubby and the dog. I have done a spin class and a run. I am about (hopefully) to go out on another run, maybe just around local streets.

We are probably going to head out to the belgian beer cafe in the city. More dietary drama. Dunno if the goal for 1st may (73.5kg) is going to happen – my lowest weight for this past week was 74.3. That is 800g. So I will have to be pretty disciplined if I want to make it happen. So better get my arse out for a run. A run, dammit.

I need lots of inspiration this week.

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