I ran, ran like the wind.


I am feeling like one tough sheila.

I thought I would go out for a run tonight, as my DOMS had settled. My blisters have not quite healed, though.

But I sucked it in and went. I pushed myself. It was kind of like a tempo run – my stride was longer and faster. I was quite out of breath when I finished, with a stitch. Good pain.

And dagnammit, I enjoyed it. I ran into my old running coach at prinny and it was good to see him, he was duly impressed by my run so soon after trailwalker.

I am hanging out for the sytycd finale.

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  1. Good stuff. Thought it would take a couple of weeks for you to recover.

    What happened to Jay’s & Shell’s race report – wanted to know how the girls went after the point you had to retire? You spoken to them?

  2. Well done on getting out for a run so quickly, but be careful not to push too hard. Your body took a bit of a pounding at TW, and it might just object if you push it too much.
    Hope those blisters are healing nicely as well. It will be a lot more comfortable when they do.

  3. Nice work 😀

    Btw they are having another Women’s Health day like the one we went to at Princess Park, this time at Birrung (sp?) Mar. It’s early May. I’ll be going along 😀

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