Managed to drag myself out to walk for about 30 minutes in total, really slowly. Going up and down steps was a bastard, and I really felt the blisters. I may have to wear sandals tomorrow, so as not to stir the buggers up. I also have a rash on my feet from the tape that I used, so my feet have been itchy as well as sore.

I have also been bloody hungry today, but have kept to the WW points. Made a really nice rice noodle stirfry with prawns and cashews.

Now I know how my frail, arthritic oldies feel.

I have done quite well today – tidied up all the mess, with Ian’s help. Done about 5 loads of washing. Have even baked some muffins with rye flour to take to work tomorrow (dunno how they will go down). Am now installed in front of the telly watching the biggest loser.

I have also signed up for Run Melbourne, the 10km event. I will pick up the training again once I right myself – may take up to a week. I have joined the 61 mins plus start wave, to take take the pressure off, but I will start up the front of it. I shall see how I am going as to whether I go the sub 60 pace with one of my run buddies.

I have not had a chance to do any of my research paper, it has been a bit of a hard weekend for it, but I have given myself a goal to do as much of it as I can this week, while I am laid up recovering, so I can enjoy the long weekend.

So the goals this week are

  • the paper
  • stick to my points
  • do some gentle exercise
  • watch NCIS and SYTYCD finale (these will be super easy)

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  1. I think if it was me I would have just spent the day on the couch (or even in bed). Look after those blisters.

    I’m gunna go watch Biggest Loser too now!

  2. Cilla – I’m with Andrew, I would have spent the day on the couch too. (Especially as I saw how big the blisters were).
    Fantastic effort at TW under the circumstances.
    Rest up for a couple of weeks, and I’m sure we can get you that sub60 10km.

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