What a good idea!


Normally I stay away from getting into political or religious debates, but…

I heard on the radio that Richard Dawkins (uber-atheist) was planning to have the pope arrested on arrival to the UK.

And I think – what a good idea! Smashing! Brilliant! Can’t think of a strong enough word for it fantabulous!

It sends a very strong message that no man, nor any man of God (if he, or she, exists – would like to hope so) is above the law, or above the judgement of God (if he, or she, exists bla bla bla).

Well that is a very garbled way for saying to the pope (note no capitalisation) ..

You think you can cover the evil of your hangers on and cronies…


I would love to see that.

Well that was my rant for the day.

I really like the idea of goals.

First goal – slow weight loss. I have made it easy on myself (and knowing it will slow down).

  • get to 73.5kg by the end of April
  • get to 71.5kg by mid June
  • get to 70kg by the end of July
  • get to 68kg by mid-Sept.
  • Then maintain….
  • And then, maybe for melb marathon time, do a 10km in 60mins. This may seem slow to some people but it is a big goal for me, a sign that I have finally made it to fit territory.

Can anyone suggest any cool rewards for each goal?

I would like a Diane von Furstenburg dress when I lose the weight, but some interim (not too costly or revolving around chocolate) rewards would be good.

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  1. Agree on pope – lock him up.

    Re the rewards. For me a nice new book is always nice, maybe some new runners, maybe some new gadget (Kindle?).

  2. Great goals- Jojo paced me to a 60 min 10km at a Sri Chinmoy run a year or two ago- it was fantastic! I think a garmin if you don’t already have one- then you can pace yourself to 60 min 10km!

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