Sassy’s happy school.


I have been to my headshrinker and we are cutting down on my antidepressant medications. He has warned me that there is a risk of relapse – dunno how high. So I need to have depression prophylaxis. I need to focus on the little things that make me happy. Such as:

  • Hitting the bed when I am really, really tired. A good feeling.
  • Red lipstick. I have a ChiChi lipstick that is called Boy Magnet – it is a deep blood red, matte, stays on long. It looks best without other makeup on – then it looks a little “Rock Chick”. It is the ducks nuts. Love it.
  • At pilates – doing the “rolling like a ball” exercise. Basically you roll up like a ball and roll back and forth, mainly using your abs. A great way to get in touch with the inner child.
  • My dog putting her chin on my  leg when I am sitting down at the table. She looks up at me and looks soooooo cute.
  • Actually most things my dog does, apart from farting. Or pooping where I step. Or piddling on the floor.
  • Looking at babies and little kids, except when they are crying.
  • A really good cup of coffee. I had one of them recently. It rocked my world.
  • A good burp. Makes me giggle. As does a good fart joke, or any joke really.
  • Dancing and going into my happy place.
  • Finishing a run, especially when I finish faster than I start. Also, the feeling I get when running and a really good song comes on and I do the air guitar.
  • My hubby’s cuddles – particularly just before I go to sleep or just after I wake up.
  • Chocolate. Any way shape or form – though I must not rely on this, otherwise my arse would be way bigger than what I would like it to be.
  • Step class – I love the teacher, Jessica. It would not be nearly as fun without her. She knows all of our names and always keeps an eye out for us. She makes us do the “funky chicken” and pose at the end of each track. She also makes us clap on certain beats. I love the sound of synchronised claps.

The other thing is that I have lost 0.9kg this week – I am down to 74.5 kg. I am aiming for 73.5kg by the end of the month. It will probably be easy, cause I am doing TW in the interim and that may burn off a gram or two.

I have also lost 6cm in total off my waist (or 5.5 really) but I will round up! It feels that sweet fanny adams has been lost from butt and thighs though – I may have to come around to the fact that I will always have some variation of thunder-thighs, and that most pairs of jeans will send me into a hissy fit.

Other news:

  • I have met with the professor of medicine and it looks like I will be starting a Ph.D. next year – on obesity in the elderly, which is a big interest of mine. Though this is a pay cut, this is quite an exciting thing. It is research that has never been done before, to my knowledge, and it has great public health implications.
  • I have learned, on good authority ( that perms have come back in. This is quite exciting for me, as I was not allowed to have one when I was 12 or 13 (when perms were last in fashion and a couple of my friends had one and so did all the cool kids). I have always had dead-straight hair but would have loved to have curly hair. If it takes off, and when my hair grows, I might get me a body-wave 😛

Well, I had better get on with my lit review.

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  1. I have to agree with your whole list, with a couple of adjustments; remove red lipstick (although I guess I haven’t tried it, so maybe I shouldn’t be too hasty), remove your hubby’s cuddles (I do like Ian, but not sure that much), replace dance with listening to my music, replace step with Jessica with riding my bike, and add a nice glass of red.

    Happy then I am.

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