living with less.


I was going through my wardrobe and drawers today, and I realised that….


I have tops of every description. Loads of skirts. Not so many pants. A stash of clothes (pants, dress, skirts) that are being saved for “when I get slim” – some I’ve had for a couple of years.

Profligate spending. I am a bit annoyed with myself.

I will buy myself some new “bottoms” when and only when I have lost and maintained the weight for a while.

I also need to do a “stocktake” and devise some new outfits with the clothes and accessories that I already have. I will go to etsy for accessories.

This is because my income will likely decrease next year. I should learn to live with less, or be happy with enough. Enough is as good as a feast, is what my deceased grandpa said.

Speaking again of profligacy, I got onto WW online forums, bemoaning the fact that that I was not losing weight when I more or less ate the prescribed number of points. I got a bit of a kick up the bum (in a frank but not unkind way) from a fellow forumite. It was what I needed. So I bought myself a set of digital kitchen scales and am getting my portions just right. I have also set myself a mini-goal of 73.5kg for the end of April. I think I need little goals, as the big one is too nebulous, too easy to put off.

Despite the bun and choc ingestion, I am down to 74.8kg. I think a bit of fluid loss is at play here but I ain’t arguing 🙂

Had a great easter. The dog has been sleeping A LOT – lots of walkies, visits, treats, pats, cuddles and farts. A very big weekend for the dog.

Am meeting up with the prof tomorrow – wish me luck and I will let youse know how it goes!

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